Poonam Pandey Style Yoga: Doggy Style, Breast Asana, Hips Don’t Lie

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The Model cum controversial actress Poonam Pandey who had guaranteed to get undressed on the India's triumph in the Cricket World Cup, again and again in the spotlight of International Yoga Day.

She has come up in backing ‘Yo Yoga’ with a video, where she demonstrates her fans how she stays fit and fat free by doing Yoga. Poonam Pandey Style Yoga is for to stay fit and healthy.

Poonam Pandey: Dekhte Hain Aaj Yoga Se Kya Hoga?

Poonam Pandey Style Yoga

Bollywood movie Nasha actress Poonam calls it, "Poonam Pandey" Style Yoga - Be Hot & Fit Like Me", which stars from the presenting by Poonam as she saying, "Maine kisi baba se suna tha ki Yoga se hi hoga" (i heard it from a baba that It will happen simply because of Yoga).

At that point she stars the Yoga in her style by saying that, "Dekhte hain aaj Yoga se kya hoga". Furthermore, she goes ahead to demonstrate a portion of the fundamental asanas that each individual ought to do ordinary. These are simple ones and with negligible endeavors help you to stay fit and solid.

Poonam Pandey Hot

Watch Poonam Pandey Style Yoga Video Here


Poonam proceeds onward to name a percentage of the asanas in her own particular image of 'Poonam Pandey style of yoga'. From 'doggy style' to 'bosom asana' to 'hips dont lie asana' she renames every one of them.

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