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Poonam Pandey seems to have grasped the art of making news. Detecting open door, Poonam had launched a sexy yoga video on the event of International Yoga Day. In the video, Poonam is seen honing different yoga postures. She has additionally renamed a portion of the asanas. Breast asana, Hips don’t lie asana, doggy style are the asanas name of Poonam Pandey yoga therapy.

The Nasha actress had transferred the video on June 18 and it has been seen by more than 1 million individuals till date. Evidently, the video has likewise made a great deal of buzz on Twitter. To such an extent, that #YogaKaroTohPoonamPandeyJaisa was inclining in India.

Poonam Pandey knows how to be in the spotlight. Model-actress Poonam had stood out as truly newsworthy in 2011 when she had pronounced that she will strip off if Indian team wins the World Cup 2011. This time the attractive young lady has persuaded another motivation to be in news, and that is her yoga video.

In the feature, Poonam begins yoga saying, "Yoga se hi hoga." She proposes the viewers to observe her yoga style and those they can tail it as well. In any case, with the camera zooming towards her cleavage, the yoga turns enchanting.

Poonam says, “Breast aasan... sorry I meant best aasan.”
The starlet additionally exhibits an aasan which she alludes to as '*ss-an' and afterward amends it to aasan. At last she suggestively names it as 'doggy style' aasan. I am really ponder what she is doing!

Poonam Pandey Unique Publicity Stunts to Become Famous

As indicated by a report, Poonam Pandey has packed away an endorsement deal with India's first breast upgrade brand. The report further expressed that Poonam has been joined by bosom augmentation brand Brexelant and all through the business the actress lectures how to ‘be attractive’.

Poonam Pandey Controversy

This ad appears to have been apropos embraced by the starlet, who treats her adherents on small scale blogging site Twitter with a few uncovering selfies. Read on to comprehend what Poonam has done in the past to snatch eyeballs...

Poonam Pandey knows how to stand out as truly newsworthy with simply flipping her hair. She should do nothing more than to remark on any issue of national significance or report her stripping timetable amid the Indian cricket matches. The cutie had once announced to strip if India won the cricket World Cup in 2011. However, cricket lovers were left holding up perpetually as she vanished subsequent to making the guarantee. In any case, when she was addressed at an occasion about not satisfying her guarantee, she supposedly unfastened her coat to uncover a black bikini to the paparazzi.

Just Poonam Pandey could consider dispatching a 'Grab Nasha Bikini' challenge for the promotion of her film Nasha. The diva posted her scandalous bikini pictures in provocative stances on Twitter to kick begin the challenge amid the Valentine's season. No one but Poonam could consider gifting her utilized two-piece as a prize for sending her the most sentimental message on Twitter. Also, there was no shortage of hopefuls who really given her the sentimental tweets to get her Nasha bikini.

Poonam Pandey never leaves a chance to be in news, regardless of the possibility that it means giving an announcement on a general court case. Making roughage while the sun shines, Poonam killed no time in remarking on the Madras High Court's decision on premarital sex. The court proclaimed that couples who have had premarital sex will be viewed as hitched. To this, the discussion ruler tweeted, "MadrasHC I am Married then ;) Hehehehe LOL"

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Faultfinders are as yet pondering about the leak of Poonam Pandey's awkward lovemaking video just before the arrival of her debut film Nasha in 2013. Poonam's video demonstrating her in a trading off position with an obscure individual became famous online on informal communication sites in July. Also, this was not her initially spilled video. Her stripping video shot amid a photoshoot was the most watched video on YouTube in 2011.

At the point when the entire world was occupied with taking the Ice Bucket Challenge, how could Poonam Pandey leave the chance of scrubbing down in super cold water? On the other hand, the cutie did it in her own particular style wearing a dark bikini outfit. Poonam shared her video on long range interpersonal communication sites, in which she was seen stripping down to a two-piece in the bathtub and afterward shuddering in the wake of spilling ice shapes over herself.

Poonam never passes up a major opportunity for serving her fans with her most alluring pictures tapped all the time. She handles her exposure independent from anyone else on Facebook and Twitter, and never avoids an opportunity to share a photo. From a photo in the shower tub to giving her fans a look of her derriere, Poonam Pandey has been doing it all. When she shared an easygoing selfie wearing a pink hide bikini outfit with an espresso mug in her grasp. So these are all Poonam Pandey Controversies.

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