Piku Review

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Shoojit Sircar’s much-awaited Piku movie featuring three of the thundering thespians of Bollywood finally hit the theaters today. So here, we are with our Piku movie review!

The trailers of the film were themselves a manifestation of an engaging and entertaining film and Piku met all the expectations to every bit. The father and daughter duo with the cap driver or we would better say the owner of a local car rental company, all together makes a pleasuring 2 hours of anecdote.

Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan are few much acclaimed names of B-town and we would say Piku depicts the trio at its best. The movie though doesn’t have a very strong storyline that could take you to the world of fantasy however it have the elements that would indeed keep you glued to the screens until the end. With no over the counter action, drama or suspense, it’s a film about motion and emotion! Perceiving Megastar Big B’s hilarious expressions, his love to the topic of constipation and his Bengali one-liner, where one of your eyes would cry with laugh on the contrary few of the movements would make your other eye with emotions.

Piku Movie- A Sheer Brilliance at its Best

Soorjit has created the film beautifully and it just not have all the expected elements in it however the unexpected ones as well. Not just the plot is wisely written but the casting and performances of the actors are too implacable. Piku, the young women lives with her father who is an arrogant besides being constipation freaks. The lass know how to handle her constipated father as she has been brought up with the same.

Coming from a director who has made Vicky Donor and Madras Café, Piku movie surprises however indeed it’s a by far the best take of the director, amongst any of his film till date. The road trip from Delhi to Kolkata uncovers an emotional journey of their life, setting a bond of quirky emotions amongst the three. The film is a perfect blend of emotions that touches the heart with an easy.

Amitabh, Deepika, Irrfan Create a Beautiful Magic on Screen in Piku!

Being an Internationally esteemed talent actor, Irrfan has also done a sound and brilliant job. The quirky skills of the actor complements the track of the film together with the two stars. Deepika has done a commendable job, so far in her career. She has managed herself to get into the skin of Piku perfectly, rising her own benchmark and Amitabh being Amitabh has yet again fled a notch higher. Though the earlier two movies of Sircar garnered good reviews from fans and critics as well nonetheless we thing Piku review would add edge to his career.

We would say Piku is a must watch film, and amid a mind-numbing 2015 it is a best movie hitherto!