#PalPalDilKePaasTrailer: Romantic Tale That Begins on an Adventure Trip

The makers of 'Pal Pal Dil K Paas' released the trailer tody. Despite being an old-school tale, the flick promises a playful and romantic love story. Watch the trailer here!

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#PalPalDilKePaasTrailer: Romantic Tale That Begins on an Adventure Trip

After postponing the trailer launch for a day, Sunny Deol finally released the trailer of the debut film of his son Karan Deol titled Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas. And, maybe there is nothing about this film that we haven't seen, but still, it promises a playful and romantic love story.

This two minute 17 seconds clip gives us a sneak-peek that the actor’s son Karan Deol is playing a trekking instructor in the flick who initially shares a cold vibe with his student, played by Sahher Bambba. And soon after she is done with the week-long course and about to return home, they realize their love for each other. The movie also marks Sahher Bambba's debut in Bollywood.

While sharing the trailer, Sunny Deol wrote,

“Every generation has a story to tell. Come witness the biggest love story of this generation. Presenting the trailer of #PalPalDilKePaas:”

What exactly catches your attention in the trailer is how action star Sunny Deol has handled this predictable boy-meets-girl love story. This is the third time the actor has taken up direction, even though the actor has been a part of movies since 1983. Deol has earlier helmed Ghayal Once Again (2016) and Dillagi (1999).

If we talk about the actors of the flick, Karan Deol has a baby-face which is a little reminiscent of his uncles Abhay and Bobby Deol. Whereas the actress Sahher Bambba has a calming presence on screen, but it is yet to be seen if these newcomers have enough charisma to hold the entire film.

It can be seen that at the moment, the promotions of Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas are in full swing. The cast, as well as the director Sunny Deol, are visiting various dance reality shows, which is quite ironic for an actor as he always had two-left feet and accepted his shortcomings wholeheartedly. No doubt the audience has a soft spot for the Deols; hence, it will be nice to see how Sunny presents his son in his very first film.

Recently, during launch, Sunny revealed how he reacted when Karan expressed his wish to join Bollywood. He said,

“I asked him if he was absolutely sure about this. This is a profession which can hurt you, damage you. We have to be strong enough to face whatever comes our way. One needs to have love, passion and talent here. Acting is a compilation of a lot of realities of life which have to be brought together. I told him I support his decision. As a father, I’ll be around him but eventually only he has to do everything.”

Well, to find out if the film is the typical boy-meets-girl romance or has something else to offer, we have to wait till September 20. Till then, let’s watch the trailer here: