Muh Boli Shaadi: Anmol and Nikhil’s Truth to be Revealed!

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Episode 14 of Sony TV serial, Muh Boli Shaadi, which got aired on 13 March 2015, showed that Anmol and Nikhil are on a scooter date. They both suddenly comes to know that Anmol’s brother Pratap is following them, to hide themselves from him the two enters a church.

Nikhil asks her the reason for coming to a church, to which Anmol says that nobody could find them here. She asks her to get inside the church to pray for their future.

Pratap Catches Anmol and Nikhil in the Church!

Muh Boli Shaadi Serial

On the other hand, in Muh Boli Shaadi serial, Ashok becomes angry to see Seema with her college friends who come to give her notes. Ashok then blames Bua ji for ruining the respect of their family to which Seema answers that she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Here in church, Anmol and Nikhil (Fahad Ali) are busy praying while Pratap comes to know about them by the scooter. He enters the church and finds Nikhil with a girl whose head is covered with a dupatta. He talks towards then and takes pics however, someone averts him, and he leaves.

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Chachi Finds That the Bracelet in Pics Belongs to Anmol

Here, Ashok taunts Bua ji and Seema that Puja is a waste of time for today’s kids and tells them that he has been chosen to do the grand havan at Minister’s house. Here, Nikhil returns back home.

Muh Boli Shaadi Cast


Pratap shows pictures to Ratan Singh. Ratan Singh replies that the face of the girl is not shown clearly, however the bracelet seems somewhat familiar.Chachi says the bracelet is of Anmol. To know hot gossips about Muh Boli Shaadi cast and written updates keep reading.

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