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After stirring scores of controversies with every step of its progression, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s MSG-Messenger of God, has finally made it to the theaters. The film was said to be a revolutionary flick blended with lots of drama, action and suspense. Where the title of the film gives an impression of Dera Saccha Sauda’s leader to be a messenger, on the contrary you would unlikely see him doing thing that you would have never expected from any messenger of God.

MSG-The Story of an Ostentatious Messenger

The one thing that Gurmeet Ram Rahim hasn’t forgot to do throughout the film is promoting himself. Whether we talk about fighting with criminals, riding bike, playing basketball or football or trying his hands on any other task. The so-called on-screen fakir literally gave complex to all, by being such a multitasker! By now, you would have definitely understood the pain of watching MSG-Messenger of God.

However, there is yet more to come, the dressing sense of Babaji, Ah! How can we forget that, you would see the saint wearing out of the world cloths, (in literal senses) apparently a fashion disaster that you might not have ever witnessed.

The Controversial Film Is Less Of Controversy And More Of Torture

The movie right through seems averting Guruji as the sole power of the universe. In the film, Guruji can be seen saving others as well as himself very effortlessly. Guruji time and again defeats the goons who wish to kill him in the movie, and all this wouldn’t entertain and applause you however would indeed make you roll on the floor laughing, or even it isn’t worth it.


Well we would say if you are strong enough, to take a third-degree torture yet can laugh over it then go and watch the movie with Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh giving complex to Lady Gaga! But before that believe us it’s not easy to watch a man’s (insaan) three hours of shear effort and grandstanding, well its even difficult to write about MSG review though.