View Pics: Finally Miley Cyrus Gotto Free Her Nipples!

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The adorable Disney girl Miley Cyrus has become other name of controversy for her outrageous style and moves. Her topless poses, sinful on-stage gestures and mocked images kept Miley in the headlines for all wrong reasons over the year. Now this time the Hollywood actress-cum-singer yet again managed to raise eyebrows with her raunchy moves.

Look at Miley Cyrus’s Topless Support towards Free the Nipple Campaign


Lately, Miley Cyrus the Hollywood singer-cum-actress with a sexually explicit image posted topless images of herself on Instagram. Well, this isn’t the first time when Miley went topless, the singer was many a times seen flaunting her assets either topless or wearing a nipple tassels however this time it was all in support of the Nipple Campaign. Going topless isn’t a big thing for the singer as she is addicted of sharing topless selfies with her fans.


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miley-cyrus-sexyMiley Cyrus’s Nude Attempt at Previous Alexander Wang’s Party

Free the nipple group works for women empowerment and in opposition to female bowdlerization. Prior this the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer was seen supporting the same Campaign at the after-party of designer Alexander Wang, in which she entered completely topless wearing a black pair of pants with just nipple tassels hiding her nipples.

Diversely black and white topless picture of the actress for Free the Nipple Campaign, this time let everybody see complete picture of her nipples uninterruptedly. Check out uncounted pictures of Hollywood singer Miley Cyrus posting topless, backless and nude.

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