Miley Cyrus Goes Nude Again for V Magazine

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Miley Cyrus is amongst the most known names of Hollywood, from singing, acting to songwriting the sinful lass has outwitted everything. She is an actress, who is full of life. Tons of times, the twerking diva has gone naked for many photo shoots. This time she has yet again gone nude for V magazine. And we must say, the shots are pretty awesome!

The 22 years old pop singer has a huge collection of raunchy pics on her instagram account.

Miley Cyrus’s Friend entrust her Pics to the Magazine Makers

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The V magazine music issue includes behind the scenes shots of Miley Cyrus from her international travel edition. All this exclusive pics are taken by Miley’s friend Cheyne Thomas. Miley spent a lot of time wearing lingerie and wigs, if she put any clothing (LOL).


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