Mid-Day Meal Cook Babita Tade Becomes First Lady Crorepati of #KBC11

After Sanoj Raj, Babita Tade, who cooks mid-day meals for more than 450 kids in a government school, took a huge amount of Rs 1 crore at home in KBC11. Watch here!

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Mid-Day Meal Cook Babita Tade Becomes First Lady Crorepati of #KBC11

And, KBC 11 found its another but first lady one crore winner of this season. After Sanoj Raj, government school employee Babita Tade not only attempted Rs 1 crore question but also answered it correctly and went home with Rs 1 crore.

Well, that’s not it, she also attempted the Rs 7 crore jackpot question and answered it correctly however before that only she stepped back and quit the game.

The 7-crore question was:

“Which of these states has had the most number of its governors become presidents of India?
A. Rajasthan
B. Bihar
C. Punjab
D. Andhra Pradesh”

Babita Tade hails from Amravati district in Maharashtra, and cooks a mid-day meal for over 450 school children in a government school and earns Rs 1,500 monthly only. Babita, recognized as khichdi specialist in her area, opened up on her work and told in the show that she loves preparing khichdi for kids. Kids there call Babita 'Kaku' which means aunty in the Marathi language.

In every episode, Big B asks his contestants what they want to do with the winning amount. Similarly, when he asked Babita what she would like to do if she wins a good amount on the show, she announced that she would like to buy a phone with the winning amount because her entire family is using one phone currently.

Amitabh Bachchan was astonished to know such wish of her and told Babita that several contestants who come on the show either want to do business, make a house or clear their debts, but she merely wants a phone. Big B was so moved with her story that he on behalf of KBC & Oppo gifted her a mobile phone.

The question which gave Babita Rs. 1 crore was:

“Which poet in the court of Mughal ruler Bahadur Shah Zafar, wrote the Dastan-e-Ghadar, a personal account of 1857 Revolt?
A. Mir Taqi Mir
B. Mohammad Ibrahim Zauq
C. Zahir Dehlvi
D. Abu Al-Kasim Firdausi”

Babita was not so sure about its answer; hence, she used her last but strongest lifeline- Ask the Expert- and sought the expert's help and won that huge amount.

In an interview with TimesofIndia,  Babita revealed her thoughts about the 1-crore question. She said,

“The question asked for 1 crore win was very tough. It was old and I couldn’t recollect the answer. I had one lifeline left and had to use it. With its help, I won 1cr.”

Further, she spoke about Amitabh Bachchan,

“He has a confident attitude and he made me feel confident.”

When she was asked about her cooking job, she said,

“I ask the children if they want to eat anything else. But they love the khichdi I make and I cook that.”

About winning Rs. 1 crore, she said,

“I have never used a phone or a computer but I was aware of current affairs. I knew I could do this. But never thought I will come this far.”

And, today after Sindhutai Sapkal and Dr. B. Ramana Rao, another ‘Karamveer’ will play along with Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha. Stay Tuned for more updates!

Wishing Babita Tade a Lifetime of Happiness!