Mamta Kulkarni Accused of Drug Trafficking, Husband Arrested

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Former Bollywood actress, Mamta Kulkarni is grabbing media’s attention and making headlines, prior the news of her arrest by the Kenyan police. Mamta Kulkarni's husband along with her is charged for drug trafficking.

The former actress, moved to Dubai, where she got married to Vicky Goswami who is an international drug aristocrat!

Know all About Mamta Kulkarni’s Case

"Suspects are liable to charges of conspiracy to traffic narcotic drugs in the US and Kenya and if found guilty, will attract severe penalties" said Hamisi Massa, head of the investigation unit.

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What Mamta Kulkarni’s Lawyer Has To Say?

Cliff Ombeta, the lawyer on the other hand, stated that, "The lady was present in the house in Nyali when the police raided it. But no drugs were found there. The police arrested the Abdalla brothers, Vijay Goswami and Kulam Hussein based on an earlier raid in Nairobi. They will be in police custody for 14 days."

When Cliff Ombeta was asked about the odds of Mamta’s arrested the he said, "She has nothing to do with the offence. Therefore, she wasn't taken to the police station. She is in her house and absolutely free."