‘Dirty Politics’ Fame Mallika Sherawat Tired of Glamorous Roles

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Forthcoming Bollywood film ‘Dirty Politics’ actress Mallika Sherawat says that she is now tired of her glamorous roles in Bollywood films.

When Mallika was asked that, you are choosy with your roles. Then Mallika said,

“Yes, I am a little choosy. Usually the roles that I get from Bollywood are very glamorous roles. I want to do roles where I can act and I don’t want to do just one song and dance.”

Mallika Sherawat with Om Puri in Upcoming Film ‘Dirty Politics’

Mallika Sherawat-Om Puri-Dirty Politics

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We all would soon see Mallika Sherawat in her forthcoming film ‘Dirty Politics’, after a very long time. This film is directed by K.C. Bokadia and produced by Nihal Farhat. Om Puri also co-stars the film with Mallika.

Actress Mallika talks about her forthcoming movie and her role in this film

“My character has to be different. If you are constantly being offered only glamorous roles, you will not do it. ‘Dirty Politics’ is a platform to show my talent,

“I don’t believe in camps. All these things are not important for me. I want to be an independent woman who can take care of herself. I have never been part of any groups,” she added.

Mallika and Om Puri’s ‘Dirty Politics’ is set to be release on 13th February, 2015 in your nearest cinemas.

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