‘Malgudi days’ Novelist RK Narayan on Google’s Doodle

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The renowned pioneer of early Indian literature and popular novelist RK Narayan, was born on 10 October 1906, in Madras. Being his 108th birthday today Google has dedicated a doodle to RK Narayan on its homepage!!

About the Novelist RK Narayan

Rasipuram Krishnaswami Narayan was born in madras and was educated from Maharaja's College in Mysore. Along with his most famous creation i.e. the short stories of south Indian village, which in 1986 got included in “Malgudi Days”, the popular TV series, the writer even penned down many other novels. Swami and Friends are some of the other brilliant works of the novelist.

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RK Narayan-Malgudi days-Google

The Google’s homepage of 10 October depicts a sketch of RK Narayan, who is supposedly indulged in his short stories from ‘Malgudi Days’.

If you would like to know more about RK Narayan then simply click on the doodle and Google will land you on the top links offering information about the novelist.

Kudos to the legendary author on his 108th birthday!!