Makers Claim: Thaliava Skipped “Main Hoon Rajinikanth’s” Screening

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Main Hoon Rajinikanth’ is the name of the movie directed by Faisal Saif, the whole issue begun with the name of the movie itself. As the south super star Rajinikanth was not contented about the use of his name in the movie, he moved to the Madras High Court for a stay on the film’s release.  In reaction to which the director invited Rajinikanth for the special screening of the movie so as to bear out that the movie did not defame the star’s name by any means.

However Rajinikanth missed out the screening of the movie!

 Where the maker of the movie ‘Main Hoon Rajinikanth’, assert that the Thaliava skipped the special screening of the movie on the contrary Rajinikanth manager substantiate that he wasn’t even informed about the screening.

Faisal Saif, the director said in a statement, “Neither Rajinikanth nor his lawyer Arun C. Mohan bothered to attend the special screening which was held in AVM preview theatre,”  As per Saif his film is not a biopic on Rajinikanth, despite it is a funny tribute, not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments. He further elaborated, I only said the case was filed with lack of knowledge and it is baseless. My film is not at all based on the superstar”.

On the other hand, Rajinikanth’s manager said that "Rajini sir was not informed about the screening in advance and that's why he preferred not to go”.

Well, whatsoever the snag may be but it seems like The Thaliava is not happy by the fact that his name is being used which could defame him and could upset his fans as well.