Watch Madhuri Dixit’s Short Film, "Ladke Nahi Rote Hain!"

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In a society where cheap popularity stunts on social networking sites and video sharing platforms go viral, here are few genuine efforts as well which outperform and touches the heart of audiences.

After Alia Bhatt’s video gone viral on YouTube, now Madhuri Dixit has become the next celebrity to feature in a short film which raise voice against social evil against women as domestic violence.

Boys don’t cry: A video or rather an effort by Vinil Mathew featuring Madhuri

Domestic violence has always been a major evil in our country, and the video by Vinil Mathew featuring veteran actress Madhuri, is a small effort to fight against the cause.

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The video titled, ‘Boys don’t cry’ focuses on parenting loopholes which results in turning boys into nuisance who ultimately heart women, making them cry.

The video spreads a touching message that instead of teaching that Boys don’t cry, we should teach our younger boys, not to make girls cry!! Have a look at director Vinil Mathe’s short film for #VogueEmpower #StartWithTheBoys campaign, featuring Madhuri Dixit…