Kylie Jenner’s Fans Applaud Her for Learning to Style Baby Stormi's Hair

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Recently, Kylie Jenner, 21-year-old reality star, took to her social media handle and posted a video clip with her daughter Stormi Webster and it got viral in a very short time.

Many of her fans praised her for learning to do her biracial daughter's hair properly. Soon after posting a heartwarming video of herself styling Stormi's curls into a tiny ponytail, the American media personality posted three clips as three parts of herself pulling the 14-month-old's curls on social media stories on Sunday, revealing that she is still discovering new techniques to do Stormi's hair.

One of her Fan Pages posted all the three parts with the captions.

First Part-

“🎥 | Kylie Jenner doing Stormi’s hair via Instagram Story: “I love doing her hair. I am not the best. But I love learning. Some of my favorite memories are of mom doing my hair 🖤”.”

Second Part-

“🎥 | Kylie Jenner via Instagram Story, second part: “I can not wait till her hair is long enough to all fit in the pony. I gotta make it work for now 🖤🖤”.”

Third Part-

“🎥 | Kylie Jenner via Instagram story, third part.”

It can be seen that Stormi is patiently sitting on the counter cuddling a teddy bear while her mom brushes her hair and pulls it into a small ponytail in the charming videos.

Moreover, Kylie takes a small edge brush to style her daughter's baby hairs after her daughter's curls are up.

Soon after videos get posted, loads of people took to their social media handles to gush about the heartwarming video. Also, many of them mentioned how amazed they were to see the baby girl calmly sitting the whole time.

Look at some of the responses she got:

“I love @KylieJenner insta story of her combing Stormi hair. Yess sis lay them edges and moisturize them curls!! And enjoy her letting you do her hair while it last lol”
“Watching Kylie detangle and moisturize baby Stormi’s hair and then laying out her edges. 😩

That shit was so cute. I really enjoy watching her as a mom.”^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1114969715284291586&

“Kylie taking an interest in combing Stormi’s hair AND laying the edges really warms my heart! Can’t have her brown baby out here looking wild, love it.”
“I love that Kylie is learning to do stormi’s hair on her own. And even admits that she isn’t the best but is willing to learn. Case y’all know some yt mothers be doing the bare minimum when it comes to styling their mixed babies hair smh”
“The fact that Kylie lays Stormi’s edges makes me happy lowkey..”
“Miss Kylie Jenner had an edgebrush while she was doing Stormi’s hair. I appreciate the growth, sis.”
“I’m very proud of @kyliejenner learning how to do her mixed race Daughter Stormi’s hair! It grinds my gears when I see mixed babies with their hair not done properly. If you have a baby with kinky or curly hair please learn the basics to properly maintain it. 💕”
“no doubt Kylie is an excellent mom and a great role model not only as a businesswoman but also as a mom @KylieJenner #KylieJenner #stormi #momanddaughter @trvisXX”
“I mean Kylie better lay down Baby Stormi’s edges and slick that ponytail !!!

She needs to help Kim”^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1115091995075260416&

Isn’t it amazing?