Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu Hire Goons to Kill Bulbul!

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The 31st December episode of the ZEE TV show ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ started with Tanu’s dirty plan to kill Bulbul in a car accident. Here Sarla scolded Purbi and asked her about Pragya, Purbi let her knew that Pragya told her that Aaliya is fine now.

Aaliya Comes to Meet Bulbul

On the other hand, Bulbul (Mrunal Thakur)called Purab telling him that Aaliya must be planning some conspiracy however, Purab divulged her that he is sure she isn’t lying this time. On the same time, Purbi came and informed that Aaliya is here to meet her. Aaliya took Sarla’s permission for talking to Bulbul alone and even hindered Tanu to be a part of the conversation. Purbi asked Tanu that why isn’t she coming on TV, to which Tanu replied that she has left her job.

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Tanu and Purbi argues over ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ Pragya and Abhi’s matter. Purbi asks her that they (Abhi and Pragya) are perfect for each other then why does she interfear, to which Tanu replies that Abhi doesn’t deserves a behanji wife. Anguish Purbi drops tea on Tanu and again the two starts fighting with each other.

Bulbul Goes on a Date with Purab, Where Tanu Plans to Kill her

After then Bulbul askes Aaliya that why did Tanu came? Aaliya let her know that she came to apologize her, presenting her a gift, she says she can marry Purab and she would remain Purab’s friend for life. Bulbul who is doubtful about Aaliya, says that she knows, she is planning something and warns her to devoid conspiring of harming her.

Bulbul goes on a date with Purab where they talk sweetly to each other and Tanu on the other hand brings Aaliya to show her Purab and Bulbul’s love. Aaliya says Tanu that she has moved on and wants them to marry each-other. However, Tanu tells Aaliya that if Aaliya would not then she has to do something. Then she signals her goons to crush Bulbul under their car.

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