Kumkum Bhagya 11 Nov Episode: Abhi’s Beats Suresh Aggressively

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The last 11 November episode 152 of ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ shown Pragya beseeching Tanu and Aaliya to not throw her out of the house and to her believe her that the video is false. However Aliya and Tanu reply her abruptly and tell her to get out of the house.

Moreover, Kumkum Bhagya cast Pragya supplicates Mitali, even Mitali does not support her and says that my husband is in jail due to you, so why should I pardon you.

Aliya tells Pragya that neither Dadi nor Bahi is going to believe her now and thus she has to get out of the house. Abhi on the other hand smashes glass in his room remembering his marriage with Pragya and Pragya’s treachery. Furthermore, Abhi destroy Suresh’s ID card in anger.


Abhi Beating Suresh Constantly

Abhi drives towards Suresh’s house in rage and finding him on the road he then starts continuously beating him. Suresh keeps asking Abhi the reason, for which Abhi replies that he is hitting him for sleeping with Pragya, for which Suresh replies in bafflement that she is his friend.

Kumkum Bhagya Daadi Watches The Edited Video

Here Dadi asks Purvi to checkout, hearing the sounds from the street. Purvi informs Dadi, about Abhi’s brawl with Suresh, hearing which Dadi rushes towards the street and stops Abhi.

Suresh lets Dadi know that Abhi is alleging Suresh of sleeping with Pragya, for which Dadi slaps Abhi. Abhi then shows the video to Dadi. After which all Bulbul, Dadi and Suresh get shocked of watching the edited video.