Kumkum Bhagya Latest News: Abhi Agrees to Give Daadi a Grandchild

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The entire kidnapping scenario surely has changed the equation between Abhi and Pragya in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya serial. The two could be these days seen falling in awkward situations, post Pragya’s love confession. Earlier we told you about Bulbul and Purab’s quirky plan to make Abhi realize his true feelings for Pragya. The latest episode depicted their plan working to the best!

Abhi was seen desperately looking out for his wife Pragya. Both Abhi and Pragya being embarrasses, planed to sleep in Daadi’s room but here also they couldn’t be far afield from each other. The two landed at Daadi’s room in order to run away and avoid facing each other. Abhi took the blank in order to hide himself from Pragya however, she thought Daadi is inside the blanket, who must be unwell.

Pragya Gives Foot Massage to Abhi in Kumkum Bhagya Serial!


The later started giving foot massage to Abhi deeming that it’s Daadi. Soon when Daadi entered the room, Pragya realized that the person inside the blanket inside the blanket isn’t Daadi (Poor thing). Abhi then comes out of the blanket, all shocked! Another embarrassing movement for Abhi and Pragya…

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Well it seems love is in the air in the Kumkum Bhagya serial these days, as soon to be bride and groom, Bulbul-Purab were also seen sharing some lovable moments later in the episode. Well things wouldn’t surely be going easy for both the couples in the upcoming episodes, as their closeness isn’t going well with the wicked witches Aaliya and Tanu.

Kumkum Bhagya Sneak Peek: Abhi Nods Daadi for Giving her Grandchild

Kumkum Bhagya Serial

Kumkum Bhagya latest news is that, in the upcoming episode we would get to see Daadi asking Abhi and Pragya to give her a grandchild. Interestingly Abhi would nod for the same saying Pragya should also agree (LOL)!

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