Checkout the Updates of Kumkum Bhagya- Aaliya’s Suicide Attempt

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30th Dec episode of Zee TV daily soap ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ starts with Aaliya imagine in the mirror about Purab and Bulbul and breaks the mirror.

After listing the noise Pragya comes there and knocks the door, but Aaliya refuses to open the door and calls Bulbul. Aaliya says to bulbul that she is not going to attend her marriage but send her the best marriage gift and cut the call. She takes the mirror piece and cut her wrist. On the other side Pragya continues knocking the door. But Aaliya shouts that that she hates her and unconsciously falls on the floor.

Aaliya in Depression Cuts her Wrist and Unconsciously Falls

All the people gathered because of the noise and ask Pragya (Sriti Jha) what happened. Pragya says Aaliya is not opening the door. She ask Akash to break the door. Suddenly Bulbul calls Pragya says that she later explain her everything.

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Everybody gets shocked to see Aaliya on the floor. Tanu immediately calls Abi and ask him to immediately come home but Abi does not believe Tanu and cuts the call. Abi then calls Purab and tell him that Aaliya is again doing drama of suicide and cuts the call. Pragya then call Abi and tell him the whole story.

Purab and Bulbul Get to Know about Aaliya’s Suicide Attempt

On the other side Kumkum Bhagya’s Purab tells Bulbul about Aaliya’s suicide attempt. She recalls the words of Aaliya about the marriage gift and tells her mother ‘Sarla’ about Aaliya.

Pragya bring Aaliya to the hospital, after some time doc comes and says that Aaliya is out of danger now. Abi comes to the hospital and ask Aaliya about the suicide attempt and scold her on his mistake.

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