Know Bigg Boss 8’s Superheroes and Supervillains

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Bigg Boss’s current luxury budget task, attested as an interesting breakthrough for the inmates, after the elimination strain. The announcement of the luxury budget task, named Superheroes vs. Supervillains, crammed the contestants with excitement. Karishma Tanna, out of the blue was made the captain of Superheroes team! On the contrary the VJ Pritam was made the captain of Supervillains team.

Bigg Boss 8 episode 23, 14 October 2014:

Both the captains had to convince and lure the other contestants to join their respective teams and wear their T-shirst. Black t-shirts were to denote the team mates of Supervillain team, whereas red depicted the Superheros. Primarily more inmates were seen merging in the Supervillains team as Supervillain team was set free from the household jobs.

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bigg boss 8-episode 23

In next to no time, the team members of Supervillains came into their character when they started irking the other mates. Both the teams were seen putting efforts to sway the inmates join their team. As the task lasted for the whole day, thus contestants were also seen whole day changing their allegiances.

Let’s wait and see who will be going to turn out as the winner of the task, Heroes or the villains??