#KhandaaniShafakhanaReview: Sona’s Film is Worth a One-Time Watch

Khandaani Shafakhana starring Sonakshi & Badshah is finally here. It could be seen that the director & actor stepped into the taboo zone where no woman has gone before — the sexologist zone.

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#KhandaaniShafakhanaReview: Sona’s Film is Worth a One-Time Watch

Nowadays, several Bollywood directors are trying to highlight one of the social issues via their movies. There have been many films helmed related to these issues in Bollywood so far, such as 'Vicky Donor,' 'Dostana,' 'Shubh Mangal Savdhan,’ ‘Badhaai Ho’ etc. And, now Director Shilpi Dasgupta, and especially Sonakshi Sinha playing the role of  Baby Bedi, a medical representative from Hoshiarpur, stepped into the taboo zone where no woman has gone before — it’s the sexologist zone.

Yes, the movie Khandaani Shafakhana focuses on the issues of sexual health, bloopers, and misadventures through a family gaze, and most importantly, why talk of sexual health should not be a taboo topic.

The moviemakers stay true to their words, “The Only Sex Film for the Whole Family,” and the film ends up being a straitjacketed one for it.

The story begins as the little, five-six years old girl, tells a man, "Uncle six nahi, theek se likho SEX," and loudly utters the taboo word - SEX. But soon her aggressive mother shouts and takes her away from her Mamaji, who is hakim who treats sex-related diseases.

That little girl is Baby Bedi who is now a grown woman plus the sole breadwinner of her house. Well, one thing led to another, and soon she started running the sex clinic of her late uncle.

But later she notices that the squirmy reaction of people to the word 'sex' remains intact even after years. Still, she takes it upon herself to change the world like a true Bollywood heroine, and start a conversation about this hush-hush subject.

It could be seen that the whole 2-hour-16-minute-long Khandaani Shafakhana revolves around  Sinha’s character in the film, as Babita or Baby Bedi. She is passionate and is focused on taking her family out of the financial crisis by running the sex clinic, not even thinking about the problems that come with it.

The expressions of Sinha are bang-on in the film. It also proves that since her debut in 2010, she has come a long way as an actor. There are several good lines and the dialogues which will keep the viewers attached to the string.

The best part you will find about the flick is its actors. Sona, in a meaty role, along with her lazy, hopeless brother Bhooshit Bedi, played by Varun Sharma, keep the film upbeat.

Badshah who made a debut, plays the role of Gabru Ghaatak, a popular rapper, in the film, which is pretty similar to his real-life persona; donning swanky glares, gold chains, and bright outfits.

And, another important character, Annu Kapoor, playing the role of a lawyer, tries to explain to her the importance of the sex clinic. His role in the flick is not so different from that of Dr. Chaddha in Vicky Donor. And the way he remains true to his character and for brief moments, makes you smile.

No doubt, the idea of “Bollywood is thinking out of the box” is intact with the flick Khandaani Shafakhana. Must say, Khandaani Shafakhana is at best a one-time watch, especially for Sonakshi Sinha fans.