#KBC11: Sanoj Raj Wins 1 Crore, Big B Welcomes Dr. B. Ramana Rao

Friday's episode of KBC 11 first witnessed a grand win of 1 crore by Sanoj Raj and then welcomed Padma Shri Dr. B Ramana Rao as the ‘KBC Karamveer.' Read all here!

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#KBC11: Sanoj Raj Wins 1 Crore, Big B Welcomes Dr. B. Ramana Rao

And finally, Sanoj Raj, a contestant on Kaun Banega Crorepati 11, became the first contestant of this season to win Rs 1 crore.

Sanoj Raj belongs to a small village Jehanabad, Bihar and seeks to become an IAS officer to serve the country. The latest episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati is sure to leave you respecting the contestant even more as his story had already left viewers in awe of his dedication.

An overwhelmed Sanoj's expression, after winning Rs 1 crore, can make even the coldest hearts melt. Sanoj raised his hands in the air, jumping with excitement, and smilingly said,

"Mujhse vishwaas hi nahi ho raha sir."

Big B also showered the contestant with praise for his safe and wise decisions.

But it's not the end. The game moved towards the 16th question for Rs 7 crore. He went on to give a shot to the jackpot question after a warning from Big B that he should play wisely. But soon after, he decided to opt-out of the game as didn't know the answer.

Sanoj further shared that the prize money is more than what he expected. He said,

"Ek toh kaafi zada hota hai, soch se upar hai. Jaise jaise padaav badta gaya, hunar baddta gaya. Yakeen ko mai yakeen mein badal dia"

Soon after Sanoj left the show, Twitter went berserk over the jackpot question. One user wrote,

“@SrBachchan Sir i think that  even God of cricket @sachin_rt would not be knowing the answer to this ₹  7 crore question. Well played Sanoj. So patient and humble guy.”

Another user wrote,

“Hello Harsha Sir,
I just wanna know being a cricket expert do you know the question asked by Mr. Bachchan to contestant  to win 7 crore at KBC ?? @bhogleharsha @SrBachchan”

Moving on, Big B resumes the game with Padma Shri Dr. B Ramana Rao and his wife as another Karamveer of KBC season 11. Amitabh queries further into Ramana’s journey of changing the face of several villages, showering him with well-deserved praises for his humanitarian work.

Dr. Rao shared his story of how he was moved by the sufferings of the poor in the neighboring village. He told that Ramana his parents suggested to took up medical studies as it was the only way to ease the sufferings of the poor.

Further, while talking, Ramana revealed how his life changed by treating Amitabh 35 years back. He shared the story that when the megastar was down with fever once in Bengaluru, he did his treatment. And Amitabh had penned a thank you note to him on recovering. The doctor even carried to the show and flaunted before the camera. Ramana brought his sons as companions on the show.

Then Amitabh explains to him the rules of the show and also introduces them to the expert for that night’s show.

Soon after that, Amitabh became emotional and hailed their move of installing borewells and constructing toilets in various Indian villages. Dr. Rao and his wife went home with prize money of Rs. 25,00,000, which they would utilize for further humanitarian work.