Kumkum Bhagya Cast Pragya Gets Upset to See Abhi on Tanu’s Lap

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Kumkum Bhagya written update of 4th April 2015 episode no. 278, showcased Abhi asks Tanu that where is he. Then Tanu says Abhi why did you drink so much that you can’t handle yourself. Abhi angrily says that this world is so brutal then she asks him if somebody told him something wrong. On the other side Pragya tells Aaliya that because her words Abhi affect so much to which she gets angry on Pragya. Meanwhile, Pragya says she will tell everything to her but now she should take her to Abhi.

To hear this Aaliya gets cool and take her to Tanu’s flat to meet Abhi. In the flat Pragya controls her emotions and refuses to meet Abhi. Abhi says angrily that he also doesn’t want to meet her. Apart from this Akash continuously tries to call Rachna to clear her misunderstanding. Akash thinks may be Rachna believes that he is lying when she doesn’t pick his call. Akash then plans to meet her and clear his doubt.

Daadi Convince Kumkum Bhagya Cast Abhi to Bring Pragya Back

Kumkum Bhagya Latest News

To see Abhi in Tanu’s flat Kumkum Bhagya cast Pragya goes to her mother’s house to meet Bulbul. On the other side Daadi gets upset to see Abhi sad and tries to talk to him. Daadi says to Abhi that this home is empty without Pragya and asks him to bring his back in this house. Abhi says Daadi to stop crying he will bring Pragya. To hear Abhi’s words Daadi gets relaxed and leaves from there.

Abhi gets ready in the morning Daasi then says that prince is going to bring his princess. Suddenly Daadi asks her to stop taunting his grandson Abhi. After all this conversation Purab enters and asks Abhi about his love proposal. Abhi leaves from there without telling him anything. On the other hand Bulbul starts asking to Pragya about Abhi and teases her.

Kumkum Bhagya Cast Tanu Gets Shocked to Know About Abhi’s Proposal

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Suddenly Kumkum Bhagya cast Abhi comes and asks Bulbul that he came here to meet his Saali. On the other hand in Tanu’s flat Aaliya tells her that Abhi is going to propose Pragya. To hear this Tanu thinks what she will do if Abhi does not marry her and gets tensed.

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