Katrina Kaif To Impress Her Fans With Tap Dance

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The Stunning talented actress “Katrina Kaif again coming up with another dance moves to surprise the audience and her fans.
The actress showed her talent and often impressed moviegoers with her fabulous dance moves, in songs like Sheila ki jawaani, Chikni Chameli, Kamli, Mashallah.

Fans! Wait To See The Actress All Together In New Dance Form



After belly dancing and acrobatics, Kat is learning Tap dance for a new song. As Kat showed her graceful dance moves in “Kamali” (acrobatics) and “Mashallah” (belly). A source close to the actor says,

Katrina Kaif is working hard to learn the dance form, as picking it up isn’t easy. She rehearses for around two hours every day with her dance instructor.”
While not much is known why the actress is learning tap dance, Its believed that she is preparing the dance moves for her next cast with her Ex Ranbir Kapoor, directed by Anurag Basu.