Bigg Boss 8 Shocking: Did Karishma Tanna Really Kiss Upen Patel?

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Bigg Boss season 8 Halla Bol series, took an interesting turn with Upen Patel’s come back to the house. After returning to the house, soon the model turned actor was seen proposing the champion contestant Karishma Tanna. However, shocking part was that Karishma Tanna as she acclaimed earlier, is already in a relationship with ‘Rushabh Choksi’ owner of a popular nightclub in Mumbai.

Although being in a relationship, the makeup queen accepted proposal from BB8 contestant ‘Upen Patel’. Well this wasn’t all, the sneak peak of upcoming episode even showcased that, up next the couple will take their relationship to another level by kissing.

Are Upen and Karishma Serious about Their Relationship?

In Tuesday’s 115th episode, Bigg Boss 8 contestants were asked to take part in a luxury budget task. Upen Patel was in the team of champions but he temporarily shifted to the team of challenger contestants. Bigg Boss Halla Bol-Karishma Tanna-Upen Patel

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In the task, each challenger has to call a champion, who were playing the employees of a call centre, and ask them some peculiar questions in order to foment them to cut the call. On the contrary, the champions were to stay calm during the task.

While the task Upen Patel called Karishma Tanna and talked to her in a very romantic way which made Karishma blush. In the middle of the conversation, Karishma started getting embarrassed, when she was asked to kiss Upen in real. Moreover, suddenly she told Upen to not advertise her personal life in open.

Is Karishma and Upen’s Kissing Incident a Publicity Stunt? 

Bigg Boss season 8 Halla Bol-upen-karishma

But in the precape episode of Bigg Boss, the actress Karishma Tanna was seen giving a kiss to Upen on the his lips. As everybody is aware of her current beau, her boyfriend also seems to be extremely upset with Karishma and Upen’s growing romance.
And said- “I have nothing to say. Karishma and I are very good friends and nothing more.”
Now Karishma and Upen’s kiss incident will definitely shock Rushabh Choksi along with the fans of the show.

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