OMG! Kareena Kapoor Parted Her Ways With Saif

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Yes, It is right! Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan broke up with her relationship with her husband Saif Ail and also gave him the middle finger. But not in their real life its happened in reel life.

Kareena Kapoor is making a special guest appearance on the silver screens in the upcoming flick of her better half Saif Ali Khan that is Happy Ending where she has been delineated his lover affair. The Duo who is blissfully leading a married life is not actually agreeable with their relationship in the corny comedy talkie “Happy Ending”.

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Chemistry between the Kapoor and Khan Duo

The scene goes this way that the Kareena raises the middle finger to show up to the real life royal lineage and the reel life “Mannchala”. This Kapoor Khan summed up to the flavours of vibrancy in the scene as well as in the flick.  The ideology of a married pair ended up to a collapsing relationship on the screen. This scene counts for the twine in this motion picture.