Kareena Kapoor Hairstyles – No Time Simple Hairdo’s

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Kareena Kapoor is the perfect epitome of an ideal beauty. She is an actress who is blessed with a natural beauty and an amazing style sense. Kareena Kapoor is known as the fashionable diva of Bollywood, and it’s too obvious to consider that after Sonam Kapoor the actress that comes in your mind to follow with is Kareena Kapoor.  Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle is the entire time perfect and it is forever an adorable and attractive for all.

Kareena aka Bebo is one of the most popular Bollywood Female superstar with very pretty and mesmerizing Brown eyes. Absolutely she is just a dazzling beautiful star. Kapoor is an actress who always tries new things and experiments a lot with her hairstyles. Here are some photos of Kareena Kapoor in different Hairstyles and no doubt the actress absolutely looks gorgeous in any hairdo.

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyles – Perfect and Everlasting Hairdo’s

Messy Braid

Kareena Kapoor hairstyles

This cruel messy braid looks incredible on her. It is an enormous hairstyle, you should try this when don’t have a time.

Simple Bun


Kareena looks elegant in this high bun. Large size simple bun on top enhances her beauty even better.

Side Pony


Locked hair into a side pony is a wonderful way to glam up any look. Kareena carry this look flawlessly and looks stunning.

 Hair Shine

Kareena Kapoor hairstyles

Straight shiny hair ended to perfection hair look marvelous on her.

Voluminous Pony

Kareena Kapoor hairstyles

Tie hair on the top is a fine hairstyle and is also effortless to do. Her hair looks bulky here and hair elasticity gives a beautiful look.

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyles Video

[su_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5tslq32vIA"]

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