Kareena Kapoor Diet Plan – She Prefers to be a Veggie

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If we talk about the sexiest and the glamorous personality in the Bollywood industry amongst the actresses, well, it’s kind of sure Kareena Kapoor cum Bebo standout at the first position. The concept of zero size figures is being evoked by Kareena Kapoor. With her sizable figure and alarming personality she has magnetize the entire crowd.

Kareena Kapoor always sears in number of edition of the magazine covers. Pausing with this attractive charisma and style even after marriage, Kareena Kapoor diet plan always rolls go round in your mind right? Want to know how she manages to look perfect in all avatars, keep on reading the secrets of her diet and workout plan here....

Kareena Kapoor Diet Plan – You Can Also Go for Zero Figure

Kareena Kapoor Diet Plan

A perfect diet plan and daily workouts is the schedule that Kareena Kapoor always follows in her workaday. Kareena worked very actively to earn the zero size which has been the gossip of the burg.

In the Morning:

Kareena begins her day with fruits and nuts and altogether skips off a tea/coffee. Might be she does not like coffee. With fruits she also adds milk in her morning diet. Her first meal of the day includes some bread portions or paranthas with low fat milk.

Kareena Kapoor Diet Plan

Bebo’s intakes were fully altered with Thai cuisines, cheese meals to the healthy one. The Bollywood actress is big bon viveur yet she said no to the meals carrying high calories and just focused on her figure.

Mid day Meal:

Her luncheon often carries simple chapatis and dal. Moreover she is the big fan of cheesy meals so she always adds a cheese bites with paranthas daily.

Kareena Kapoor-Brothers

She has cared up for her figure to look more sexy and sensational by carrying out yoga and exercise sessions daily for 2-3 hours along with the proper diet. Surely with this strict and proper diet Kareena Kapoor is now ripen into motivational and inspirational idol.

Evening Meal:

For dinner, Kareena Kapoor diet plan includes green legumes, healthy soups, different pulses, chapattis, curd and the meals having low calories.

Kareena Kapoor Hot

Do you want to know the name of the person who had prepared this strict yet nutritional diet plan of Kareena Kapoor? Rujuta Diwekar is the name behind the hourglass figure of Bebo. She is a well known nutritionist and a dietician.

Kareena Kapoor Believes:

  • Taking a meal after two to three hours keeps you spirited all over the day.
  • The intake of the food in a day should be in equal proportions with the day routine.
  • Accepting Yoga and exercise sessions as a part of your daily routine surely maintains your health and balances your figure.
  • Drink up to 8-10 glass of water every day.
Kareena Kapoor Sexy

Well reading the above lively rules and laws, it is clear that physically fit approach towards life is very crucial to stay fit and fine. I am confident if you also strictly pursue Kareena Kapoor diet plan you can also see yourself active with racy figure.

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