Kapil Sharma is Still Living in a Modest House

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“Kapil Sharma doesn't want to live in big house which is located in posh area. I hope you all are familiar with “Kapil Sharma”, he gain too much popularity from his own super shows “Comedy Nights”, but still he is living in own modest home where he lived in old times.

Kapil lives in shantivan building, Aadarsh Nagar at Andheri Mumbai. You will be surprised if you listen this, “Kapil Sharma doesn't want to change his house”. He has been living in this building from 2010 .At that time he didn't have too much money and fame.

Kapil’s close  source says that – he has gain too much popularity in last 4 years. His name is very well known in today’s industry, but still he is living in same old home. Kapil believed that this home is a lucky charm for him, if he change the home then his luck will may get change.

This is a common factor for celebs that if they get money and fame then they find a great apartment according to own budget. But Kapil is not interested to change or leaving his old home at all.