#JusticeforTwinkle: Celebs Express Anger over a Minor’s Murder in Aligarh

It is a harsh reality that India is failing as a nation when it comes to humanity. Several murder cases are already pending in the court records, and now there’s this latest report of a minor girl (2½ or 3 years old) named Twinkle Sharma who was brutally murdered in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

As per the reports, she was killed by accused Zahid and Aslam (identified as her neighbors) who made a confession that they had lured her with biscuits and then murdered her by choking her to death using her dupatta. The victim’s parents have told that their daughter disappeared three days earlier from her house in Tappal town in Uttar Pradesh.

Also, her parents told that night before she disappeared, they had got into an argument with Zahid whom they had failed to repay a loan of Rs.10,000. As a result, the girl was brutally murdered with her eyes gouged out.

The report says that three days after she disappeared, the police discovered her body in a dumping ground near her house, with her mutilated body parts being carried by stray dogs.

Many people on social media mentioned that the minor had been raped. However, Aligarh police, replying to a Twitter user who claimed so, clarified that her post-mortem report suggests she was not raped.

Moreover, several Bollywood celebs have raised their voices and are expressing grief and anger over their social media handles. Also, they have demanded swift action in the case, strictest punishment for the offenders, and justice for the little girl who is the victim of this horrific incident.

From Sonam Kapoor to Akshay Kumar to Abhishek Bachchan, here’s what the celebrities have tweeted on the minor girl’s murder case-

Let us all pray for her soul to rest in peace! And we hope that she gets justice soon.

Mayuri Jain

Editor and Moderator at Nyoozflix.com.

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