"Justice Served:" Bollywood Celebs React on the Encounter in Hyderabad

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"Justice Served:" Bollywood Celebs React on the Encounter in Hyderabad

The only news trending all over nowadays is about the horrifying case of rape and murder of a veterinarian doctor in Hyderabad. From the very moment, we found out that the burnt body of the doctor was found under a culvert on the outskirts of Hyderabad after being brutally raped all had this rage against those culprits and Indian law.

Further soon, the news came that four men had been arrested for allegedly gang-raping and murdering the 27-year-old woman veterinary doctor. And, since that, only people were waiting for the appropriate decisions.

Yesterday morning, a piece of news came that led to a sigh of relief to all, including commoners and celebrities. The news is that the Hyderabad police shot all the four men accused in an encounter. At first, during the early hours, they were taken to the spot of investigation, where all the incidents happened.

Meanwhile, one of them indicated the rest three to run away, and that's when the police shot all the four men in the encounter. But, this release of the extreme step taken by the Hyderabad police ended up gaining mixed reactions by the public.

Yes, some of them hailed police tremendously for taking the right decision and giving justice to Disha (name changed), but many others, including human rights activists, called it an impulsive decision on the part of the police.

Look what celebrities have to say on this encounter:

Rishi Kapoor wrote,‏

“Bravo Telangana Police. My congratulations!”

Rangoli Chandel wrote,

“Rapist was shot dead at the very place he raped the innocent girl and burnt her body, WOW!! we salute our police forces and of course the government for this revolutionary step #BetiBachao #AchcheDin🙏”

Ranvir Shorey wrote,

“Perversion of the justice system cannot be the answer to dealing with perverts in society. Fixing the justice system is. 🙏🏽”

Anupam Kher wrote,

“‏Congratulations and #JaiHo to #TelenganaPolice for shooting down the four rapists of #PriyankaReddy in an “ENCOUNTER”. चलो! अब जितने भी लोगों ने ऐसा घिनोना अपराध करने वालों के ख़िलाफ़ आवाज़ उठाई थी और उनके लिए ख़तरनाक से ख़तरनाक सज़ा चाही थी, मेरे साथ ज़ोर से बोलो - #जयहो।👏👍”

Dino Morea wrote,

“Justice has been served, and served well.”

Vivek Anand Oberoi wrote,

“.Kudos to @TelanganaCMO and the @cyberabadpolice especially #VCSajjanar for delivering true justice swiftly and strongly! This sends a strong message to those monsters who break the law and hide behind the system. I am sure all such monsters are shaking with fear now! @cpcybd”

Sonu Sood wrote,

“Real heroes 🙏@TelanganaCMO @TelanganaDGP #salute #TelanganaPolice #JusticeDelivered #justiceforpriyanakareddy”

Rakul Singh wrote,

“How far can you run away after committing a crime like Rape .. #JusticeForPriyankaReddy #Encounter 🙏🏻 thankyou #Telangana  police”

Nagarjuna Akkineni wrote,

“This morning I wake up to the news and JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED!! #Encounter”

Esha Gupta wrote-

“The police did a great job, a great example has been set by this encounter, what the courts are unable to do, they did. Justice has been delivered. Now can we please hope for the same for Nirbhaya as well? And please let’s not argue about the “human rights” or these inhuman scums”

Vishal Dadlani wrote,

“We live in a time where the absolute failure of the justice system is hailed as "justice".
Just so you know, cops killing people without a trial can land at your door too, someday.”

Indeed, Justice is delivered, but still, India needs a strict law towards rape cases. Nevertheless, we’re grateful towards Hyderabad Police for taking on-the-spot action, killing the culprits.