Junglee Trailer: A Full Package of Drama, Action & Emotions

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After so many movies on similar stories of Mowgli & Tarzan, a new and epic storyline has been introduced on Jungle plot- Vidyut Jammwal starrer ‘Junglee.’ As soon as the trailer came out, it garnered a lot of admiration and appreciation from the fans already.

Chuck Russel directorial is another action film featuring the star. But this time, his best friend is an elephant named Bhola, instead of any human. According to the trailer, the movie seems like a full package of drama, action, emotion and is an absolute treat for the entire family.

The 2-min-48-sec video depicts how the actor Vidyut Jammwal plays every poacher’s nightmare in the flick. The martial arts expert and action hero has grown up in an elephant reserve and has a strong bond with a calf. Though, poachers desire to mess with all the elephants of the forest to get huge tusks of Bhola the Elephant.

The official synopsis of the film states,

“Raj (Vidyut Jammwal) a vet in his thirties, lives in Mumbai and runs a flourishing veterinary clinic. He is a devoted Kalaripayattu martial artist who works hard and has all a man could want. Turn of events make him visit his hometown after 10 years – a renowned elephant sanctuary where lives his father and childhood elephant friend – Bhola. The emotional homecoming soon turns into a revenge drama which exposes the underbelly of poaching racket that was flourishing in this quaint village. Raj and Bhola’s tender friendship, a bond forged in childhood, shows that they love just as fiercely as they fight the bad guys.”
Recently, the actor Vidyut Jammwal organized a trailer screening for kids and there said,
“I'm so happy that the innocence of Bhola and the enthusiasm of children has found such a beautiful union with this sketching contest. I've personally seen each and every one of the heartwarming sketches and I've got to say, choosing from them was quite a task.

I'm so glad that I'm being able to share the first trailer of the film with these amazing kids who have already shown so much love for the film, Bhola and me. I'm looking forward to their response as I'm certain it will be straight up, honest and unfiltered."

Talking about his training for the movie, the actor stated,

“Kalaripayattu is a discipline that has encouraged people to pick up on strength, sensibility and personality traits of various fantastic animals. It was amazing for me to extend my knowledge of Kalaripayattu by practicing animal flow.”
As soon as the trailer hit the internet, people took to their social media accounts and praised it. Movie critic Taran Adarsh tweeted,
“An adventure in the jungles... Trailer of #Junglee... Stars Vidyut Jammwal, Pooja Sawant and Asha Bhat... Directed by Chuck Russell... 5 April 2019 release... #JungleeTrailer”

Many fans and celebs also tweeted,











The film also casts Asha Bhat, Pooja Sawant ( the women who swoon over the very fit and high-kicking Raj) and Akshay Oberoi ( a police inspector and Raj’s friend). And, the film is all set to hit the theatres on 5th April 2019.

Watch the Full Trailer Here