Jodha and Akbar Frontage the Deep Loss Their Baby

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7th Octobe’s episode from the daily soap, Jodha Akbar was crammed with agony and distress. Hamida informs Jodha that Hassan is no more, subsequently the queen Jodha faints hearing the particularization.

Akbar gets clued-up by the doctors to keep Jodha away from Hassan’s dead body for avoiding any breakdown, however Jodha wakes up early and eyewitnesses Hassan wrapped in the white cloth.  Scolding everyone, Jodha says each person that it’s a bad premonition to wrap anyone in white clothes. Everyone explains Jodha that Hassan is no more and he would not return back.

Jodha’s grief!

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The mother descends in grief and tells Akbar that her son will respond to her call. Jodha weeps and wrench uncontrollable when Akbar holds her in his arms and tries to consolidate her. Jodha assert Shehenshah to let her attain Hassan’s last rituals but, Akbar averts her to do so. After that, Jodha becomes angry with her Lord Kanha and declares not to worship him anymore.

Here on the other hand Zeenat inquires Quasim that the job is half accomplished with Hassan being assassinated. She elucidates Quasim that being her babysitter she could easily kill Hussain anytime.