Jodha Akbar: Watchout the First Meeting of salim and Anarkali

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Checkout the exclusive updates of famous Zee TV serial 'Jodha Akbar' when the son of Akbar or Walihad ‘Salim’ meets his soul mate ‘Anarkali’ for the first time. The episode starts with, Salim enjoys drinking with his cousins and some princesses are doing Tak jhaak in Salim’s Khema. After some time Aram bano came and scold all the princesses.

Then Jodha ‘Marium Zamani’ invites his son ‘Salim’ to have lunch with all his relatives. But Salim refuses as he wants to have lunch with all his soldier friends. One of the cousins of Salim ‘Qutub’ says that marium Zamani wants Salim to meet the princesses for marriage. But Salim wants a girl who will accept him as a common man but not as the Emperor of India. Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) argues but Akbar permits him to do as he wishes. After having lunch Salim and his friends go out of the palace for a horse riding.

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The First Meeting of Love Birds Salim and Anarkali

In the middle of the road Salim’s horse saw a poisonous snake starts behaving abnormal. Salim (Ravi Bhatia) continuously tries to control his horse. Suddenly he saw a beautiful girl ‘Anarkali’ passing by, but the horse hit Anarkali and she falls in the mud. Salim give his hand to Anarkali for help and request her to forgive the animal. She holds his hands and humbly forgives him.

Look at the Interesting Twist of the Famous ‘Jodha Akbar Serial'

The beauty of the girl charm Salim when he clears the mud form Anarkali face. Anarkali also attracted towards Salim because of his gentle behavior. Salim continuously stares Anarkali and leave with a secret desire to meet Anarkali again.

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