Jodha-Akbar Concerned About Salim’s Safety

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In the previous episodes of Zee TV’s most bulging historical show Jodha Akbar, we saw Sharifuddin’s men kidnapped Salim from outside the temple and kidnapper sent a threat message to Akbar.

In that letter kidnapper saying him, to free Sharifuddin’s father Khwaja Moin otherwise he will kill Salim, if Khwaja Moin is not liberated. Jodha becomes restless and thought that Akbar should make no delay in Salim’s liberation.

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Will Akbar Release Sharifuddin’s Father Khwaja Moin?

Akbar’s officers suggested an attack upon the kidnapper and some officers thought that Khawaja Moin would be a diminutive price to pay for Salim’s safety. But Akbar did not accept kidnappers demand rather he would punish the person who dared to kidnap Salim.

Jodha Worried About her Son Salim

Jodha said to Akbar that he is heartless person. Akbar replied that Salim is his son and he is also concerned about Salim.

After this the kidnapper sends second message to Akbar, that he is more agitated. The kidnapper told Salim that Akbar does not care about his release. Salim is scared and starts doubting about his father Akbar’s love for him.

Akbar keeps finding for his son Salim vigorously and Jodha keeps praying for Salim.

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