James Packer Gifts $100K Diamond Earrings to Miranda Kerr

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The former Australian model of Hollywood Miranda Kerr is gifted by her alleged lover Casino King James Parker, Christmas earrings worth $ 100,000 received as gift.

According to the report of Delimate one of the sources told to the magazine ‘Woman’s Day’ that James Packer purchased those earrings for Miranda about four weeks ago.

Would the Earrings be a Christmas Gift for Miranda Kerr

This earring will be the Christmas gift for 31 years old Miranda Kerr. Last year they both were doing chill out in Spain, since the market is hot for spreading rumors about the lovely couple James Packer and Miranda Kerr.

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James is 16 years older than Miranda, but the age difference is worthless for love birds. They won’t have any issue regarding age. Miranda is one of the endorser of Maybelline and she had also done modelling for many lingerie projects. Her relationship with James is very genuine; they both enjoy their company together.

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