Jamai Raja: Simran Taunts Roshni in ‘Muh Dikhayi’ Function

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The latest episode of Jamai Raja 13th March 2015 showcased Roshni and Siddharth getting ready for the ‘Muh Dikhayi’ function. In the middle of the function one of the guests asks Roshni played by Nia Sharma, if she made Chole for them. She says no. Another guest tells everyone about the cooking competition and asks Roshni to take part in it. To hear this she gets embarrassed and leaves from there.

Suddenly, Jamai Raja serial Yash calls Roshni and convince her to meet him at coffee shop. But unfortunately Kritika hear Yash and Roshni’s conversation and informs this to the news reporters. On the other side Naani insist DD to attend ‘Muh Dikhayi’ function of Roshni, but she refuses.

Jamai Raja Sid Easily Handles News Reporters at Coffee Shop

Jamai Raja Serial

In the coffee shop Roshni meets Yash played by Mohit Malhotra and tells him everything about the muh dikhayi function.  News reporters reach there and start discussing about Yash and Roshni’s link ups. Jamai Raja serial Pratima hear this and immediately informs Siddharth (Ravi Dubey). To handle the situation Sid suddenly reaches there and says sorry for coming late there. To see Siddharth at the coffee shop Roshni gets shocked and starts shouting on him.

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Then Jamai Raja Sid shows her news reporters and tells her that they came here to cover the gossip news that Siddharth Khurana’s wife Roshni is having an affair. To her this she gets shocked and leaves with Pratima. In the home Biji asks Roshni to take part in the cooking competition. But she refuses and says she don’t know cooking a lot.

DD Gets Shocked to See Biji Scolding Roshni in Jamai Raja

Jamai Raja Cast

To hear this Simran Sid’s mom taunts Roshni that now whole society will laugh at them. For the entire family’s sake Roshni agrees to take part in the competition. But Kritika thinks to ruin Roshni’s paneer makhani.

She serves the dish and Biji throws the dish on the floor and scolds Roshni Naani and DD see the entire incident and shocked. For more Jamai Raja written update keep reading.

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