Jamai Raja- Roshni Comes Across Real Sid?

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A new character will namely Rajveer (Vishal Karwal) will spice up the ZEE TV show Jamai Raja with his entry. His arrival will mark a carom in the show as he will unravel the secret of Siddharth’s identity in front of his spouse Roshni.

The Storyline of Jamai Raja Getting Heated Up

The landscape is portrayed in such a way that Rajveer gets into a bout with the waiter when he refuses to serve him the liquor on the dry day. Seeing the lash being fuming up; Sid dived in to calm down the lash but on the contrast thing turned up more blemish with his entry in the scene.

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Rajveer Tries to Reveal Sid’s Identity

Then Rajveer gets along in the house of bossy DD who is Sid’s mother in law. He is whelmed with shock when he sees Sid to be a Ghar Jamai. He will ruin the things in a flash by acknowledging everyone that Sid is an opulent personality and have the titles of many hotels but he is disguising everything from Roshni and his family. But no one swallows Rajveer’s words about Sid.

So let the heat steam up and watch that how Roshni will come to know about Sid’s real identity and if yes then how will she react to this situation? Will she loose her trust on Sid after that? Let’s watch the melodrama going high.