Revealed! Isha Kopikkar and Timmy Narang Sweet Love Story

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Here is the story of the best friends falling in love with each other. Obviously friendship is the best and the most elegant thread that melds a couple into a marriage. Might be this is the reason why Bollywood diva Isha Koppikar found her kindred soul in the rich man Timmy Narang.

Have you ever wondered that meeting with your soul mate that too once or twice in a year could be so painful? Here is the same case that happened with Isha Koppikar and Timmy Narang.

But the most interesting reason that united the pair were there phone messages. They rarely met each other but they got to know about each other likes and dislikes through their phone conversations.

The First Date:

It was the dinner date of the two but sadly the date got landed up with Isha’s so many friends hanging out with her. But by seeing that Timmy is all together having fun with her friends and has never complaint her anything about it, Isha felt that he is the one having perfect husband qualities.

Isha Said -

I can proudly say that Timmy has been my best friend as he had the ability to accept me the way I am. That's when I knew he was the One for me for a lifetime!"

And Here Comes the Valentine Day –

It was the valentine day when the duos Isha Koppikar and Timmy Narang expressed a strong bond of love to each other. At that time both of them stayed at different places and were terribly missing each other. But her soul mate Timmy Narang gave her a big surprise on V-day by standing outside her home in the US with a bouquet of beautiful flowers in the hand. Isha Said –
It was definitely our moment of love, that we will remember forever
And finally the duos tied a knot on November 29, 2009. Clearly both of them strongly manages their personal and professional life together.

Story from Being the Best Friends to a Wedding Couple








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