Pakistani Humsafar Fawad and Mahira Khan, On Indian Screen

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Pakistan’s much loved TV series ‘Humsafar’, featuring Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan is all set to make an entry on Indian television now.  The show was a big hit in Pakistan and considered as a milestone in the history of Pakistani television industry.

Featuring charming Mahira Khan, popular Pakistani VJ and actress, along with the recent tensile town entry Fawad Khan, the show Humsafar is going to hit the Indian television screens from tonight on Zindagi channel.

Read what Fawad Khan & Mahira Khan have to say:

Fawad Khan: "This show is very close to my heart. It explores the relationship of a husband and wife and I am very close to my humsafar — my wife Sadaf. After receiving all the love that audiences in India have showered on Zaroon of Zindagi Gulzar Hai, I hope to live up to their expectations as Asher."

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Mahira Khan: "This was my first show and it has been life altering for me. I am looking forward to its launch in India." About the brilliant onscreen chemistry between Fawad and her, she says, "I honestly cannot say what really worked for us... perhaps, a combination of a good script, good director and actors. Also, it's about the comfort level that two actors share. In the show, there are just a few romantic scenes; in fact, the romance is less, the longing is more. Humsafar is addictive, it's a good nasha to have. I remember when the show was on here in Pakistan, my friends would keep asking me what's going to happen next. And those who didn't see it when it was aired the first time, watched all episodes back-to-back because they found it very gripping."