Glimpse of Bigg Boss 8: Hrithik Roshan Bang-Bang Dare

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The day19th of Bigg Boss’s house turned to be a day of glee and surprise for the inmates, when Hrithik Roshan, came to meet them. Hrithik started his jaunt to the house giving warm hugs to all the contestants. The Bang-Bang actor commenced with tricking the contestants asking some candid questions.

After that the actor as known for giving Bang-Bang dares, challenged the housemates by presenting different dares in front of them.  The first dare was performed by Praneet next Deepshikha, followed by which Hrithik challenged all the contestants to walk over broken glass pieces. The inmates surprisingly shown a lot of courage and performed the dare successfully.

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Not only with his presence, Hrithik also contended the contestants with some delicious cupcakes which he got for them. After sending a gleeful and fun filled afternoon with the contestants, Hrithik said good bye to the with some words of appreciation and encouragement.

Well this was not all, the inmates got more lucky to receive a royal dinner from Bigg Boss after Hrithik’s leave-taking. In the evening the winning  team i.e. the Lamba’s  were asked to give the name of the contestant who was the best during the task on the other hand the losing team i.e. the Babba’s were asked to provide the names of those two contestants who performed worse during the task.