Hrithik Roshan’s Facebook account was HACKED By…?

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A young boy had changed his profile picture and even started a live stream on his account last evening…

In an era of social networking, Facebook, twitter, Instagram are the necessity of every one's life and suppose you get to know that your official accounts are HACKED... What reaction will you go to give?

Hrithik Roshan the legendary actor of the Bollywood faced the same issue.


Yes! We got to know that the actor’s Facebook account is hacked last evening by a young boy. A guy not only just hacked the account but also changed the profile picture of the actor and started live stream!

The biggest surprise is that the young lad speaks to three thousand people instead of the superstar on his page… as the live stream was detected and profile picture was detected Hrithik’s team deactivated the account. However, after an hour the account was back again.

The entire incident was reported to actor Hrithik Roshan late last night the actor finally gave out a statement

“An enterprising individual managed to hack my page earlier in the day. However the matter has been taken care of and the page is mine once more”

Looking at this it feels as the actor is least bother about the Hacking of his FB account. The reaction given by the actor is like he wasn't bothered by it that much...

Earlier too, Hrithik Roshan filed a complaint with a cyber crime for the case with Queen actress Kangana Ranaut. As the actress claimed that the two were in the relationship and they had exchanged a lot of emails with each other, whereas Hrithik says that it was not him someone else was posing emails to Kangana from his account.

And this time, his Facebook account which is hacked by a young lad. Let’s see Mohenjo Daro actor Hrithik Roshan will file the complaint with the Cyber Crime department in this regard.

Well, the actor really needs a high social media security.

On work Front. Hrithik’s last release was Mohen Jodaro which did not work as well as expected. Let’s see what happens with his upcoming movies hopefully for Kaabil the film again clashing with SRK Raees.

Anyways, let’s see what‘s going to happen? Is Raees will chase Hrithik’s Kaabil?

What you guys think will Hrithik file the complaint against the young lad for hacking his FB account?Tell us your thoughts in the comment section!

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