Hrithik Roshan's Diet Plan - The Greek God of B -Town

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Hrithik Roshan is a stupendous persona who is blessed with the Greek God looks. The handsome man of the town is not only known for his notable acting skills but along with for his perfectly shaped body.

His appearances in movies like Dhoom 2, Krrish 3 and others have disclosed his perfectly cut physique and has left numb everyone. His well toned physique and a fantastic body is an incredible result of Hrithik Roshan’s diet plan and workout.

His attractive personality and style even at the age of 42 always surprises everyone. Want to know how he manages to look perfect in all characters he plays on screen; keep on reading his secret and Hrithik Roshan Diet Plan here.

Unfolding Secrets of Hrithik Roshan's Diet Plan!!


Hrithik Roshan is a fully committed person when it comes to his fitness.  A perfect diet plan and an everyday workout is the agenda that he follows regularly.

In the Morning:

Hrithik Roshan begins his day with 4-5 egg whites, a plate full of fresh fruits, protein shake, corn flakes with milk and sometimes 2-3 brown breads.

Being a foodoholic he does not like to miss any of his favourite food. So he perfectly indulges himself in tough workouts and skips meals having high calories.

Mid Day Meal:

His lunch usually includes chapatis, fresh salad, green vegetables, 3-4 egg whites sandwhiches, chicken breast and a protein shake. Surely with this strict proper diet Hrithik Roshan is grown up inspirational to his fans.

Evening Meal:

In dinner Hrithk Roshan Diet Plan includes chicken, healthy soups, and sometimes fish.

Do you want to know who is the person behind his strict diet schedule and workouts? Kris Gethin is a person who is a trainer of HR. He is a famous nutritionist, trainer and a body builder.


Hrithik Roshan Workout:

He performs cardio workouts around 20-25 minutes post breakfast. Endless warm-up exercises, machine squats, dumbbell flyes, dumbbell bench, leg tucks, calf rise etc. are his secret to fitness. hrithk-roshan-workout
He Believes –
  • In drinking around 10-12 glass of water daily.
  • Before intake a meal wait at least for 40-45 minutes post workout.
  • Wait approximately 1 hour before you go to sleep(night).
  • Believing that workout sessions and a nutritional diet are the part of your daily routine, which surely will maintain your physique and balance your health.

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