Three OBGYN Visits in 2 Weeks, Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant?

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After her attempt to break the internet reality Hollywood star Kim Kardashian is yet again making headlines these days, well the reason being her multiple visits to OBGYN. Yes, this is making everyone ask the same question, is Kim expecting her second baby?

What’s the Secret Behind Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Related Visits

Apparently, after coming from gym on Saturday morning, the reality star Kim Kardashian was spotted visiting her doctor. Well supposedly, it is Kim K’s third visit to her OBGYN in Beverly Hills, California, which is making everyone contemplate that the diva is expecting for the second time.

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“A pregnancy is happening very very soon. She and Kanye are working on it and the doctor visits have all been pregnancy related. If they got pregnant tonight, they would be happy. But as of this very moment, Kim is not pregnant,” said a source.

Kim Kardashian Pregnant, a Baby on Cards on Her 35th Birthday?

It has already been speculated that Kanye West has a special date of delivery in mind for his second child, which is 21 October 2015, Kim Kardashian’s 35th birthday. Kim and Kanye are in holiday bliss mode these days and have sex frenziedly, let know a source.
“Trying isn’t the word. Kanye wants to get Kim pregnant, immediately. Kanye has this big dream: He wants to give Kim a baby on her 35th birthday and he’s trying to get her pregnant between now and January in hopes that Kim will be in labor on her birthday.”
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