Top 5 Hindi Horror Movies – Dare to Watch Alone

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Bollywood movies always come with a new texture and forms. Hindi movies are a complete package of warp that embraced Love, Comedy, Biopic, Animation, Adult, Action, Masala, Espionage, Thriller and Horror just in a single rack. Yet if we limit our chat to Hindi Horror Movies, it has been recognized that Bollywood flicks are least probed if the films are found related to fear.

Well, it has also been heard that Bollywood is not much favored for horror scripts but just because of the movie fans it has got a broad clique. If you are one of them who does not scared to watch Hindi Horror Movies alone then check on the list below and tick few more scary movies in your list to watch for the day.

Hindi Horror Movies List – Best of All Time



Bhoot which was directed by Ram Gopal Verma can be considered as one of the best movies in his lot. The script of the story was very clear that revolves around a couple who gawkers the company of ghost in their newly shopped flat. But the cine which was always murky and inky created by the director was very much eerie. The performance of the stars of the movie Urmila Mantondkar and the guy with the boozy eyes Ajay Devgn was outstanding.



The lead stars of the movie were Bipasha Basu and the handsome hunk that is nowhere seen Dino Morea has absolutely done the perfect job as the neophytes. The best thing about the movie was the romantic songs and the impeccable sound effects that heeded everyone to stick on their chair.



Click is another flick in Hindi Horror Movies List which embraces the story of a paparazzo that had a past which baffles him in his present life. The star cast of the film adds Sneha Ullal and Shreyas Talpade in the key roles.



Naina as the name depicts that the film story is related with someone’s eyes. The story of the movie revolves around a sightless girl who readapted her eyes at a grown age, after the operation the girl leads to see the ghostly activities. The camera shots and the remarkable act of the stars forced every viewer to tighten their belts.



The story of the movie Kaal encircles the club of friends who strife against the phantom fellows in the park. It was the brilliant plot into the feral outdoors by the director Soham Shah.

The list of Hindi Horror Movies is not ended here; there are more scary flicks in the list. But these were the top 5 cine that can surely leave you frozen and numb.

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