Girliyapa’s New Video “Baaki Baatein Shower Baad” So Cool – Must Watch!!

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Baaki Baatein Shower Baad!

BOYS! Keep in mind - What girls notice about you?

This time, the GIRLS pointed on the HYGIENE! They talk about Dirty Nails, Untidy Hair, and Unkempt Beard and the major one is DANDRUFF!!!

This video is for all those girlfriends who are fed up of the BF’s  ?? ? “Non- Bathing or Not taking shower habits”

Watch The Video Here!

Girliyapa, by TVF, has been posing funny and progressive content and video. This time, Girlyapa, the girls are talking about the importance of taking a shower. As the now days the government is focusing “ Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” similarly  in the video girls are talking about the “ Taking Shower” for all “ NonBathing boys”

In the video, the girl tells his BOYFRIEND how badly he needs SHOWER, he did to trim down his hair and Beard and take help of Head & Shoulders to get rid of dandruff. She says  Baaki Baatein Shower Baad! ??? song feet by Hard Kaur. So cool, RIGHT!

Say no to this ‘Chalta Hai’ attitude and groomed himself from Ugly Man into HANDSOME Guy, Got it!!!Because #DandruffNahiChalega