Breaking News: Gauhar Khan Slapped ‘Paid To Get in Public Place’

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The famous model cum actress and Bigg Boss 7 winnerGauhar Khan’ was slapped on the reality show ‘India’s Raw Star’ finale just for wearing a short dress and has inappropriate dressing sense. The incident ‘Gauhar Khan slapped was very popular in the media and all the Bollywood stars were extremely shocked.

But according to a report the actual reason is revealed that- the famous model and actor ‘Gauhar Khan’ had actually paid a junior artist to slap her in public.

gauhar khan Slapped

Junior Artiste Disclosed the Actual Reason behind the Incident

The junior artiste ‘Mohammad Akil Malik’ revealed the reality behind the incident in an interview that-
Gauhar Khan "paid him" to slap her during the reality show ‘India’s Raw Star’. And Gauhar "planned it all, like a well-written film script".
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The junior artiste goes on to claim that Bigg Boss 7 winner ‘Gauhar Khan’ also promise him a role the upcoming film ‘Dabangg 3’.

The major purpose behind the slapping incident was to achieve more and more publicity and attention from the Bollywood industry. Akil Malik is only a source to achieve the motive because he is a junior artiste and a struggling model.

Akil Malik’s Statement That it is a Pre-Planned Publicity Stunt

Akil Malik commented a lot and then physically assaulted the actress Gauhar Khan in public then in an interview he said that he has a verbal agreement with the actress earlier and the whole incident was pre-planned to gain publicity.

Both Gauhar khan sister Nigaar khan reported that this is not Gauhar Khan slapped Controversy stunt but simply a rumor.


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