#GameOverReview: Clever Writing & Taapsee's Best Performance To-Date

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#GameOverReview: Clever Writing & Taapsee's Best Performance To-Date

Whenever it comes to the horror genre, we settle for Hollywood movies. But Tapsee Pannu’s Game Over is here to break such stereotypes! Yes, this Bollywood horror thrill will keep you hooked and get you on the edge of the seat almost immediately as it starts.

With a chilling murder scene, the film begins. Setting the tone for what is to follow, it shows how a young girl Amrita’s (Sanchana Natrajan) life is brutally snuffed out. Quite apparently there is a criminal on the loose, out on a killing spree. Well must say, the swiftness with which the screenplay establishes the presence of an almost invisible culprit lurking around is exceptional. I believe that makes the entire movie exceptional.

The best thing about the movie is it leaves you with no choice but to keenly anticipate what’s going to happen next as the audience. And, eventually, you will know about the murderer as this is not a whodunit. The story is all about surviving the deadly killers, yes the flick lives up to its name - akin to video games, the story is all about surviving the deadly killers.

In an interview regarding the movie, actor Taapsee Pannu states how she went through a lot of prep to play this role. She said,

“Keeping the physical aspects aside, mentally a lot of things were new for me to experience. Like post-traumatic stress, anniversary effect reactions and low self-confidence… All these are emotions, I haven’t experienced before and don’t come to me naturally.”
Further, Tapsee told that she took the help of Game Over co-writer Kaavya Ramkumar to understand the problems like nyctophobia (fear of darkness) and anxiety that “how it really happens” and also watched some documentaries and videos addressing the same problem.

Earlier, Taapsee Pannu had said about the film,

“When I heard this script, I knew this film has an international appeal and considering the kind of people attached with it, I had a strong belief in the product. Very few films surpass expectations and this is surely one of them.”
The film is directed by Ashwin Saravana, who has given great films earlier like Maya and Ashwin Saravana. The home invasion thriller Game Over is released in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. Well, the Hindi version is presented by filmmaker Anurag Kashyap.

Another striking fact about the movie is, it won’t matter that in which language you watch the film. Yes, you read it right! As long as you keep your eyes wide open and take in all that’s there in the frame, you will understand what's going on.

After watching the movie, one will surely marvel at how well the younger South-Indian filmmakers have started to connect Indian concepts with western ones. And, the flick Game Over with its paranormal-meets-noir is a great illustration.

Must say, regardless of its box-office collection, the film is worth a watch not merely for entertainment but its new-age cinematic virtues!