Common Funny Bollywood Dialogues - Ohh No Fir se Wahi!!

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Indian Cinema is known for its comic plots and hilarious dialogues. Bollywood movies are always there to drain time. Whether you want to enjoy you can go for any B’wood movie or if you want to quash your free time you can tick any Hindi flick.

Sometimes these Hindi Dialogues make you feel sob and consistently some of the colloquies make you laugh hard.  But the most energetic and impressive chats between hero and heroine or between villain and hero are the most over dramatic dialogues that most of the times are imitated in number of movies. So if you are super fan of Hindi movies get rehearse again some of the common Funny Bollywood Dialogues.

Funny Bollywood Dialogues – Cracks That you Have Heard Chiliads of Time

Funny Bollywood Dialogues

Common Funny Dialogues by Bollywood Heroes

1. Maa! Tum Kitni Acchi Hoo…

Aaww!! The dialogue is very true and honest in itself but in movies sometimes it seems that the actor is being forced to speak the same. It is the most common dialogue surely you have heard once in movie by the leading hero.

2. Bhagwan mainey tumse aaj tak kuch nahin maanga…
One or the other time if not Mother or Father or Friends helped the Hero than what remains the last option? Hahaha it’s only God, just that Bhagwan will help the hero to get his sweetheart or his family back in his life.
3. Ek Ek ko Chun Chun Ke Marunga…
Arrrggghhh!! The most antic dialogue of several movies ever… You have heard. Can anyone know why always the super hero fights with one person at a time? May be this dialogue explains the statement.

Super Hero can’t tackle dozens of people just in a single time therefore he always says that he will kick only one person at a time. LOL!!

Common Funny Dialogues by Bollywood Heroines

1. Khabardaar Jo Mujhe Haath Bhi Lagaya

Automatically it clicked in the mind whenever you find Heroine and Villain at some vacant place or space definitely this line will be called out by the leading actress in the movie.  Aaaaaa……Why every time only heroine and villain exist on that place? No other person not even any brute could be spotted at that vacant space can you guys please answer?

2. Main Tumhare Bina Mar Jaungi!!
Yeah! The dialogue that will droll you out. Funny Bollywood Dialogues enfolds a list of some creepy and eerie chats that after listening to it, hero, imagine hero always got scared and start talking with his date no to say like this and all. I am there for you and always!! What Bullshit…

3. Main Tumhare Bachche Ki Maa Banne Wali Hoon…

It seems that this line doesn’t exist anymore in the Bollywood movies. Yeah it seems that Heroes and Heroines are grown up now; they know the good and bad points of not using any protection pills. ROFL!! Apparently this line was very much heard by the time of 1990’s.

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