Wheels Have Turned Mission Is on Again Force 2 Official Trailer Is Out!

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force 2 first look out

Wheels have turned back, Mission is on Again – After 8 years John Abraham is buffed and ripped with twice force to take the revenge of his dead wife…

Force 2 official trailer is out. John Abraham is back with double force.

Force 2, the film is directed by Abhinay Deo, is the sequel of superhit FORCE. Featuring John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha replacing Genelia D’Souza in Force 2.

The poster of the film tells- “The R.A.W. truth… A dead soldier is a martyr… A dead spy is a traitor.”

Watch The Official Trailer – Force 2


John Abraham the man looks more powerful Mumbai Police officer with a death wish of his wife and Sonakshi Sinha is a RAW agent with a lot of agenda. In the trailer, both were seen performing an action in the air, with the knife, bullets, hanging in mid-air and lots of Fight…John Abraham, the hero is seen picking up Mercedes…A LOT OF ACTION….

Sonakshi Sinha the actress is also seen performing action….WONDERFULLY!!!

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(Dialogue) John Abraham Says:-

“He tells a baddie his wife died eight years ago and ever since then “meri satak gayi hai.” He tells Tahir’s character to sell his house and get used to living in a room without windows aka jail.”

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The trailer of the film is very powerful and completely intrigued.

Till then watch the trailer and wait, for more updates about the film.

Force 2 will release on November 18, 2016.